story time: the “viacom fiasco”

2nd post and it’s negative already?!? sorry for the negativity so early on in the blog’s life, but i really wanted to tell the tale. i start the day by uploading my april fools video, something i haven’t done since 2014. let’s just say the video has something to do with a certain yellow sponge, which is owned by nickelodeon, which is owned by viacom. they really don’t like it when people upload snippets of their TV shows, so when i tried to upload this video to youtube,viacom blocked it in 248 countries (there’s only 196) which essentially means people in some countries can’t watch the video. however, instead of the normal “blocked in germany” restriction, it was blocked everywhere outside of canada. it means the video essentially unwatchable. i thought “this is fixable,i can just take the video down,change it and re-upload it.” and went back into movie studio, changed the color temperature and added wah-wah to the audio. i re-rendered it and uploaded it again. and viacom still blocked it in countries that don’t exist. this is so weird! people post unedited spongebob clips, yet my edited clip gets blocked?! it may be because it was a lot longer,but seriously?! i went back in,added a glow, pixelation, flipped it and pitch shifted it beyond recognition. the 47-second long clip was uploaded without trouble. let’s see if the full 11.5-minute long clip will upload. stay silly, my friends.


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